What is Daiginjyoshu "GAKU"?

Ginjyoshu is exquisite sake made from highly polished rice that contains only pure starch. This Sake has a fresh taste and a flowery and fruity fragrance. It is high in aromatic ethyl acetate content but low in amino acid content.
Gaku, which means God's mountain, is made from Yamada-nishiki, the best sake-rice in Japan. What makes Gaku different from other Ginjyoshu is that it is stored for at least two year for aging in Ikuno Ginzan, a silver mine located in the Northern part of Hyogo prefecture. In Ikuno Ginzan, the temperature stands at around 10 and the humidity 90% (the best condition for aging) throughout the year. This storage process gives a mild and fruity taste to this sake, thus making it outstanding Ginjyoshu in Japan.
Gaku is made by the best seven sake breweries in the Banshu area. Although they are related to each other, there are subtle differences between the brewers in the taste of sake they produce. Each has its own taste created by its own brewing system.

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