Banshu Sake Matures in the Silver Mine.
Stored in the great wonder of nature, Ikuno Silver Mine, is Daiginjyoshu Gaku. This sake is made from Japan's No.1 sake rice, Yamada-nishiki, by the seven top-ranking sake breweries in Banshu, all of which are frequent winners of the first prize in Japan Sake Contest. Storing this sake in the awe-inspiring silver mine matures sake with a sour and pungent taste into sake with a mellow and soft taste like superb wine. We are confident that you will relish this magnificent Daiginjyoshu Gaku, which is the product of exquisite sake brewage and the ideal environment for sake manufacturing.

Daiginjyoshu Gaku

We are proud to sell the best local sake.
The time-honored and dedicated sake breweries in Bashu produce high-quality sake by their excellent sake manufacturing techniques. "Shugaku-do" carries the choice local sake, Daiginjyoshu Gaku, which is produced by the seven first-class sake breweries in Banshu and matured in Ikuno Silver Mine. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this exquisite sake with a Banshu flavor.
The Manager of Shugaku-do